Welcome New iPad or iPad 3/iPad HD


Apple CEO Tim Cook reveals the new iPad on Wednesday, March 7 in San Francisco.

Days after Steve Jobs’s birthday,  CEO Tim Cook reveals Apple’s “new iPad”,  which all the media previoulsy speculated it would be called “iPad 3”,  “iPad HD” or “iPad 2S”. What to expect from the new iPad? Well, I try to collect some tech news informing us about something new or extraordinary thing about the new Apple tablet. One thing for sure, the new iPad is a bit heavier than the iPad 2 and it will be satisfying your eyes. The  new iPad will be available on March 16, starting at US$499.

So, here it is what the reviewers say about the new iPad:

Chris Taylor writes his first  impression on Mashable: “After playing with the new iPad at the Apple launch event Wednesday, I am certain of three things. First, I am going to get heartily sick of calling this thing “the new iPad.” Secondly, the new retina display looks absolutely gorgeous in any app you care to name. And thirdly, not a single other thing about the device’s outward appearance has changed.”

“But what I can confirm is how incredibly gorgeous that resolution looks. You can’t tear your eyes away from it. Photos and videos are far more life-like. Games feel closer to reality, too. And books? With a retina display, books seem more attractive on the iPad than in any other format. And I’m not just comparing them to the Kindle, the Nook or the iPad 2; my frame of reference includes physical books, too.

Welcome to the new version of iPad.

I’ve built up a pretty extensive library of iBooks, and I’ve been enjoying blasting through them on the iPad 2. But after a while — say, an hour — the lower-resolution text starts to have an effect. I wouldn’t say my eyes get strained, exactly; it’s more of a restlessness, a desire to look at something else, that doesn’t happen with physical books.

Sorry, Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you are going to have to up your game. The Kindle’s old e-ink screen isn’t nearly as readable as this, even in direct sunlight (and the Kindle Fire? Fuggeddaboutit.)

Obviously, this is all good news for the nascent iPad magazine industry. Not to mention the still-rumored category of shopping catalogs, which seems a no-brainer on the new iPad.

In short, reading just got real again.”

The new iPad (left) and the suddenly "old" iPad 2 (right).

Devin Coldewey writes the details in the TechCrunch blog: “The top picture is the new Retina screen, the bottom picture is the original screen. This close up (about a quarter of an inch), you can see the pixels. But from a normal distance, the text is so clear and the overall visual effect is so smooth, I can’t help myself.

I would love to read books and magazines on the iPad. I’d love to work from it, do my photo editing on it. But reading text and viewing images just wasn’t ever good enough. Now it is. The sharpness is as good as you expect, the device otherwise is more or less the same. Were you hoping for a redesign? That will happen eventually. Don’t be greedy.

As for the new apps, which they demoed for me, they look great. iPhoto feels like a lot of fun to use, though professionals will of course prefer the more robust controls in something like Aperture or Lightroom. For everyone else (and perhaps me), these basic controls over exposure, color, and so on (non-destructive and fairly robust; the brushes are nice) will be more than enough.”

CNET’s senior editor for tablets and portable media players, Donald Bell, writes  that “the iPad’s new screen is a stunner. That’s really all you need to know about the new iPad (yes, that’s the name). That, and a reminder that pricing still starts at $499 for a 16GB Wi-Fi model, with 4G starting at $629.

Forget all of the minor tweaks and incremental updates Apple has made to its third-generation tablet. The faster processor, the upgrade to 4G data, the improved camera–it’s all housekeeping. It’s the stuff it had to do. It’s the stuff any manufacturer could have done.”

“…The new iPad and a design that is virtually indistinguishable from 2011’s iPad 2. The tablet’s glass and aluminum construction is still 9.5 inches tall and 7.31 inches wide. Thickness is now 0.37 inch, weighing in at 1.5 pounds. You get the same home button on the bottom of the screen, and a volume rocker on the right side along with the mute switch/rotation lock. Up top you have the sleep/wake button and headphone output, and the bottom edge retains the 30-pin port.

Apple knocked the camera quality up to 5-megapixel with 1080p video recording and backside illumination. The front-facing camera remains the same.”

Apple made a few other notable (if predictable) improvements to the iPad.

The iPad’s processor has been upgraded to an A5X. While the CPU remains dual-core, the graphics processor has been beefed up to quad-core. This seems to be a necessary measure for juggling four times the pixels of the previous model.

What’s missing?

Apple's Senior VP of Worldwide Marketing, Phil Schiller, introduces the new iPad sharp screen revolution.

As far as disappointments go, Apple could have been more aggressive with its processor performance, or perhaps brought the iPad’s cameras up to iPhone 4S specs. Perhaps it could have gone thinner or done more to extend its lead in battery life, which Apple claims is still 10 hours, or 9 hours on 4G.

Heck, let’s also throw in the age-old complaints about Apple’s reluctance to include microSD memory expansion, a dedicated port for video output, or a truly universal charging connection. Oh yeah, and Adobe Flash support while you’re at it.

Personally, there’s really nothing I can point to and say, “Apple has clearly doomed itself.” The company took its already excellent product and updated it with a gorgeous screen.

I suppose the only missed opportunity I can point to is the lack of a Kindle-priced competitor. The rumor mill suggests that Apple may release a smaller tablet later this year, but until then, it seems that Apple’s only answer to the budget tablet craze is its $199 Apple iPod Touch.”

Well, do you want to upgrade your iPad 2 to the next level of iPad? Seems many Apple fans out there are impatient to get the new iPad.

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