Apple: Think Different, Apologize Different

Not many companies can get away putting out an expensive product with a pretty big technical glitch and still have sales zoom to the stratosphere.

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Unless of course, you happen to be Apple.

The company held a rare press conference on Friday, where Chief Executive Steve Jobs addressed issues that the antenna on the iPhone 4 is not exactly up to snuff.  Depending on how the user holds the phone, the signal could drop. Lefties are particularly hard hit by this snafu.

So Jobs offered up iPhone owners a free case to help alleviate the problem, and, after being pressed on it during a question and answer session, issued an apology to customers.

But the whole presentation was conducted in a tone that observers characterized as defiant – and included some comments that are sure to raise eyebrows. Here are just a few gathered by Reuters reporter Poornima Gupta. We’ll leave you to judge:

“We are just a band of people working our asses off to surprise and delight people. We are human.”

“There is no antennagate.”

The New York Times is “making stuff up” and Bloomberg’s reporting is “a total crock” regarding the iPhone’s issues.

“This is life in smartphone world. Phones aren’t perfect. Most every smartphone we tested behaved like this.”

“There is a problem but that problem is affecting a small percentage of users.”

“The heart of the problem is that smartphones have weak spots. We made it very visible.”

“I see some of these people jumping on us now. It’s like I am not sure what you are after here. Would you rather we were a Korean company instead of an American company? You do not like the fact that we are innovating right here in America and leading the world in what we do?”

Sumber: Jul 16, 2010

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